Our Story

Live Well. Live Sustainably.

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Our Mission

We're on a journey to make eco-friendly products the go-to for every household, by making a sustainable lifestyle more approachable. We're showing the world how easy it is to live well, and treat the Earth well, through our curated selection of eco-friendly products. From our products to our shipping, we aim to be as sustainable and waste-free as possible. Join us as we try to do our part to make a positive change. 

Carbon Neutral Shipping

Feel good about making an order online with our carbon neutral shipping. Every shipment made through Cocoanutty is neutralized through certified carbon offsets that go towards forest protection initiatives via Pachama.

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Sustainable Packaging

Our partners use a variety of packaging styles to remain as waste-free and eco-friendly as possible. Product packaging ranges from 100% biodegradable to all-natural and reusable. But it doesn't stop there! Recycled boxes from other brands, compostable corn peanuts, and all-natural wooden boxes are some of the packaging we use for shipping. While it might not always be the prettiest, we feel good knowing that we're minimizing waste.